10 Best Manufacturing Web Design Examples 2023

Website Design Inspiration for Manufacturing Companies

Written by: Jake Lett

When designing your manufacturing website, it's important to consider the people you are trying to attract to visit it. What are the questions and problems they are searching for? What information would help them to be more informed before they buy? How can you clearly communicate your differences and unique value?

The website examples in this post do a great job of answering these questions. It is obvious they invested in order to clearly communicate their business value and also help inform their buyers.

5 Things All Manufacturing Websites Should Have

  1. Clean Navigation: Clearly define what you offer and for whom
  2. Mobile Optimized: Easy to navigate on mobile and desktop
  3. Educational: Offer informational content in a blog or download resources section
  4. Visually Appealing: Professional photography that visually demonstrates your product or service
  5. Optimized for Search Engines: SEO optimized pages that align with what your buyers are searching for

Below is my collection of 10 manufacturing websites that do a great job addressing the points above.

Manufacturing Website Design Example 1

Pierce, a manufacturer in custom fire apparatus innovation and manufacturing including pumpers, aerials, rescues, tankers and electric fire trucks. They use a mega drop-down menu that does a great job of organizing the site structure. Also, each page uses a large professional photograph which lets the image do most of the talking with minimal copy at the top. Also, the use of bold colors and large typefaces gives you a sense of bold confidence and stability. There are also clear calls to action to encourage learning more about the products.

manufacturing web design example 1

Manufacturing Website Design Example 2

Whirlwind manufactures and distributes quality pre-engineered metal buildings and components. Our team of professionals can help you with your next building project. The homepage features a large video background that quickly communicates the scale of what they produce. Showing aerial views of their manufacturing facility quickly display they are capable and an established company. Their navigation is ultra simplistic with large icons, making it super clear where they would like to guide their visitors to get the most essential information.

manufacturing web design example 2

Manufacturing Website Design Example 3

TOPSOE, a global leader in catalysis and process technology driving optimal performance within chemical processing, hydroprocessing and emissions management. A modern web design example with a bold layout and navigation placement on the top and left side. They also have an easy to find download library that contains case studies, reports, and more.

manufacturing web design example 3

Manufacturing Website Design Example 4

Micatu is changing the way the world senses with light. Explore our advances in optical smart grid technology. The website is does a great job of using white space and color contrast to grab attention. The red brand color against the dark black background stands out. The navigation is simplistic making it not overwhelming to navigate. Each page features a large professional photo and scroll animations add to the visual interest as you read the page content.

manufacturing web design example 4

Manufacturing Website Design Example 5

Loren Cook Company, an American-made quality air moving equipment since 1941. Manufacturer of Fans, Blowers, Lab Exhaust, & Energy Recovery. When you first visit the website, you are presented with a large video with close detail shots of their fans. The black background of the video eliminates any visual distractions and so you focus on the product and its beautiful details. At the top, there is a simple navigation menu and search bar making navigation easy to find. The project page also uses a unique technique of isolating the product and then showing the building exterior of it in use. This makes it clear what was used in the featured project.

manufacturing web design example 5

Manufacturing Website Design Example 6

Eco Power Equipment Site Support Equipment, manufactures a variety of portable construction and industrial site support equipment to meet the needs of modern construction and industrial projects. As you scroll the homepage, you will notice the varied use of visual imagery which adds to the visual interest. The bottom has a call to action with a large image of a product brochure. This stands out and creates a desire to click to download the file. Product pages have an interactive section that has callouts over product images. This makes learning more about the product more interesting.

manufacturing web design example 6

Manufacturing Website Design Example 7

Cases By Source, a manufacturer and distributor of Carrying and Shipping cases with Custom Foam Inserts - Pelican cases, SKB cases, Gator cases, and more. One thing I don't like about this site, is when you first visit there is a cookie alert at the top covering up the logo and navigation. The navigation uses large text and a highly visible call to action button for requesting a consultation. This navigation makes it clear what they manufacture and what the next steps are to purchase. The homepage video also visually communicates their process and craftsmanship.

manufacturing web design example 7

Manufacturing Website Design Example 8

DiCAN, manufacturer distributor installer of collision avoidance and fleet management solutions. Helping Fleet Managers protect + manage their vehicles. This website does a great job with its product pages. They include a lot of professional images and product descriptions. I also noticed they include product schema which helps with SEO optimization because Google search identifies as product pages, not just informational pages.

manufacturing web design example 8

Manufacturing Website Design Example 9

Falcon Structures manufactures custom shipping containers for businesses and organizations seeking additional workspace, living space, storage, and more. Another website with a large video on the homepage which draws your eye and visually communicates their core competency. The navigation uses mega drop down menus, which helps to organize a large menu structure but still making it easy to use. I like the layout and use of white space to bring attention to headlines and key product details. Personally I don't like the scroll animations, they are a bit distracting I think because they animate from different directions.

manufacturing web design example 9

Manufacturing Website Design Example 10

GG Schmitt & Sons provides quality marine hardware & fabrication services for industry leading boat manufacturers around the world. The homepage uses a large image which quickly communicates the positioning because it shows boats on the water. Also, the navigation is clean and features a red project request button in the top right corner. This makes it clear what the desired next step is. As you scroll, you will notice each section has a large amount of padding making, it easier to read and doesn't overwhelm you because it is easy to skim and read the headlines.

manufacturing web design example 10

How do these manufacturing websites incorporate visuals and media to engage visitors?

The website examples in this passage effectively utilize visuals and media to engage visitors. Each website incorporates various design elements and features that not only communicate their business value but also captivate and inform their audience.

Pierce, a manufacturer specializing in custom fire apparatus innovation and manufacturing, utilizes a mega drop-down menu that efficiently organizes the site structure. Moreover, they leverage large professional photographs on each page, allowing the images to speak for themselves with minimal accompanying text. The bold colors and large typefaces exude a sense of confidence and stability, while clear calls to action encourage visitors to learn more about their products.

Whirlwind, a manufacturer and distributor of quality pre-engineered metal buildings and components, impresses visitors with a large video background on their homepage. This video effectively conveys the scale and capabilities of their manufacturing facility through aerial views. The navigation is ultra-simple, featuring large icons that guide visitors to essential information with ease.

TOPSOE, a global leader in catalysis and process technology, embraces a modern web design approach. Their bold layout and strategically placed navigation menu, both at the top and left side, ensure easy access for users. Additionally, they provide an easily accessible download library that contains valuable resources such as case studies and reports.

Micatu, a company revolutionizing optical smart grid technology, employs white space and color contrast to grab visitors' attention. The use of a red brand color against a dark background creates a visually striking impact. The simplistic navigation enhances user experience, and each page features large professional photos. Scroll animations further enhance the visual interest as visitors engage with the content.

Loren Cook Company, known for their high-quality air moving equipment, utilizes a compelling video on their homepage. This video showcases close-up shots of their fans, eliminating distractions and allowing the product's beautiful details to take the spotlight. The simple navigation menu and search bar at the top make it effortless for visitors to explore. The unique technique of isolating the product and pairing it with images of the building exterior in use adds clarity to their featured projects.

Eco Power Equipment, a manufacturer of portable construction and industrial site support equipment, strategically incorporates visual imagery throughout their homepage. This varied use of visuals adds visual interest and engages visitors. The bottom of the page features a call to action with a large image of a product brochure, enticing visitors to click and download. Moreover, the interactive product section on their product pages utilizes callouts over product images, making the learning experience more engaging.

Cases By Source, a manufacturer and distributor of carrying and shipping cases with custom foam inserts, employs large text and a highly visible call to action button for requesting a consultation. While the cookie alert at the top of the site may be a minor inconvenience, their navigation remains clear and concise. The homepage video effectively showcases their craftsmanship and manufacturing process.

DiCAN, a manufacturer, distributor, and installer of collision avoidance and fleet management solutions, excels in presenting their products on their website. Each product page is accompanied by professional images and detailed descriptions. Notably, they include product schema, optimizing their SEO by allowing Google search to identify specific product pages.

Falcon Structures, known for manufacturing custom shipping containers, grabs visitors' attention with a large video on their homepage that highlights their core competency. The mega drop-down menus in their navigation simplify the browsing experience for users. Their layout utilizes white space effectively, drawing attention to headlines and key product details. However, the scroll animations may be a bit distracting as they animate from different directions.

GG Schmitt & Sons, a provider of quality marine hardware and fabrication services, utilizes a large image on their homepage that immediately communicates their positioning by showcasing boats on the water. The clean navigation features a red project request button in the top right corner, clearly indicating the desired next step. Each section on the page contains ample padding, making it easier to read and allowing visitors to skim and focus on the headlines.

What are the key elements of great manufacturing and industrial website design?

Great manufacturing and industrial website design combines various key elements to create a seamless user experience and effectively showcase products and services. Here are some essential elements of a successful manufacturing and industrial website design:

  1. User-friendly Navigation: A well-designed navigation menu that is easy to locate and use is crucial. It should provide clear categories and subcategories to enable users to quickly find the information or products they are looking for.

  2. Clear and Concise Content: Manufacturing and industrial websites should present information in a clear and concise manner. The content should be informative, highlighting key features, specifications, and benefits of products or services. Utilizing bullet points, lists, and infographics can effectively convey information.

  3. Prominent Search Functionality: Implementing a prominent search box that provides automatic suggestions can greatly enhance the user experience. This feature allows users to quickly find specific products, categories, or information, saving them time and effort.

  4. High-Quality Product Visuals: Including high-resolution images and videos of products within their relevant context is vital. This gives users a clear idea of how the product looks and functions in real-life scenarios. Multiple angles and detailed zoom-in options can further assist users in making informed decisions.

  5. Interactive and Intuitive Features: Incorporating interactive elements such as configurators, product comparison tools, or sample request forms can engage users and enhance their experience. Intuitive interfaces and step-by-step processes help users navigate through complex actions easily.

  6. Responsive Design: With a significant number of users accessing websites through mobile devices, a responsive design that adapts to various screen sizes is essential. Ensuring that the website is mobile-friendly allows for seamless browsing on all devices and improves overall user experience.

  7. Contact and Inquiry Options: Providing clear contact information and inquiry forms on every page allows users to easily reach out for more information or request a quote. Quick response times and multiple contact methods, such as phone, email, and live chat, can further enhance customer satisfaction.

  8. Clear Branding and Differentiation: Manufacturing and industrial websites should establish a strong brand presence through consistent use of logo, colors, and fonts. Highlighting unique selling points, industry certifications, or customer success stories help differentiate the company from competitors.

  9. Comprehensive Resource Center: Including a resource center with downloadable product datasheets, white papers, case studies, and industry insights can provide valuable information to users. This demonstrates expertise and builds trust with potential customers.

  10. Social Proof and Testimonials: Showcasing testimonials, client logos, or industry awards helps build credibility and instills confidence in prospective clients. Including links to social media profiles allows users to explore further customer reviews and engage with the company's online presence.

By incorporating these key elements, manufacturing and industrial websites can effectively engage visitors, provide valuable information, and encourage customer conversions.


In conclusion, these websites employ a variety of visual and media elements to engage their visitors effectively. From large photographs and videos to well-placed navigation menus and engaging scroll animations, each website leverages these elements to create an engaging and visually appealing user experience.

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