What Makes a Good Manufacturing Website Design?

An excellent manufacturing website design communicates your capabilities and brand promise. Why should they work with your business than with your competitors? Below are the top three criteria of a great manufacturing website.


Are your website and company showing up in search results that your customers are searching? If not, this is the first step in starting a conversation with a prospective buyer. You need to ensure your website has the information and answers they are searching. This is often done with SEO and paid advertising to learn the best content to drive leads.

Capabilities & Trust

If a site visitor spends only 5 seconds on your homepage, will they know enough to buy from you? Short attention spans require clear and punchy visuals and text descriptions. Also, simple and straightforward navigation will help them navigate your website to find as much detail as possible.

Make It Easy to Do Business

There is a popular website design book titled, Don't Make Me Think, which explains how people need to be guided through your website. What action do you want them to take on your site? Request a quote, call a salesperson, or download a brochure? Whatever the desired call to action is, make it easy to find and complete. Also, track these actions in website analytics so you can learn what pages are working to grow your business.


In summary, your website content and design are one big experiment in learning how to serve your customers best. It needs to adapt and change just like a grocery store changes its store shelves to cater to the needs and wants of the buyer. Contact me if you would like to discuss your website and how it can best serve your customers.

Topic: Manufacturing Website Design Solution

Written by: Jake Lett

As a marketing consultant that specializes in industrial companies, I get to see patterns and strategies to make the most impact. Manufacturers often employ a lot of people. I take pride in knowing I am helping our American economy and improving the lives of families who build things with their hands and ingenuity.